Disc Herniation
What Is Disc Herniation?



The Common Signs Of A Herniated Disc


These signs are vital as they allow you to assess whether you have back pain so that you can seek an appropriate treatment. First of all, you should recognize that disc herniation commonly affects the lower back; these discs usually absorb maximum pressure from your spine.


The other common area is your neck and the least common region is around your mid back. Your ribs provide stability and support making this region an unlikely area for a herniated disc. Here are a few signs that herniation presents:


1. Constant pain from your neck or back to your foot or hand. A herniation feels like a cutting or shooting pain on the lower back. If you feel the pain on your foot or hand, then this is probably a herniation of the disc. Referred pain is pain that usually ends before crossing the elbow and knees.


2. Titillating or numbness on your legs or hands. When the nerves are squeezed, you may sense a pins and needles sensation in your hands, feet or legs. The sensation is more pronounced on the ring finger and littler finger or outside the lower leg. You might observe that a particular area feels numb when you sit or sleep on one side for a long period of time.


3. Weakness, this occurs when herniation squeezes the nerves. When motor nerves are squeezed you might observe a sign of helplessness on different muscle groups. For instance, the signs of helplessness include inability to stand upright on your toes or decrease in hand grip. Though this is not a common sign of herniation, it is serious and should be addressed immediately.



4. Shifting your position frequently can make a difference. When a doctor wants to determine whether you have this condition, he will detect particular positions that stretch motion nerves. When you experience numbness of the hand, you can stretch your hand over the head, this helps remove all of the stiffness off your nerves.


5. Extremity pain might worse than neck or back pain. Nerve roots are more sensitive than discs; therefore if you have disc herniation, the leg or hand pain will be bad.



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