Disc Herniation
Herniation At L4 L5



L4 L5 Disc Herniation


The spine is made up of 23 discs; each segment has a number of discs. These discs are usually identified using the order of placement and the name of their segment. For instance, the disc L4 L5 means it is located between the fourth and fifth vertebrae along the cervical region. In the similar manner, the lower and lumbar region on the spine also has these discs.


In most cases, it has been noted that disc herniation often occurs in the lumbar region between the L5-S1 or L4-L5. Here the letter L stands for the lumber nerve while S stands for the sacral nerve. Disc herniation in the lower lumber region has been known to intrude the L5 nerve which often causes pain in the ankle, buttocks and on the big toe.


Common causes


A patient usually has recurrent spinal disc injuries, which is often caused by bending while lifting heavy objects. It can also occur due to accident, sudden violent motion or a fall.



Treatment of this disorder


This disorder can be treated using different techniques, surgical or conservative. Conservative treatment involves minimizing pressure on the nerves through performing strengthening and stretching exercises to help make the muscles soft and flexible. It is advisable to exhaust all your options before resorting to expensive surgical procedures.




You can also use anti-inflammatory drug, relaxants and pain killers. However, medication only helps to quell the symptoms instead of addressing the actual problem. On the other hand, excessive use of prescribed drugs has been known to cause addiction.



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